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Pink paper round confetti cannon

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    More than 30 years industry experience, Tiancheng Hats Co. Ltd has been a leading hat manufacturer in China.

    Pink paper round confetti cannon
    Hs Code: 95059000

    Surface Various design beautiful packing paper
    Upside Strong paper tube
    Bottom Iron bottle
    Confetti Pink paper round confetti

    Standard Size: 30cm 40cm 50cm 60cm 80cm 100cm
    Power: Compressed air
    Opening: Rotary
    Packing: 12pcs/display box

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      Recently we launched a new product that Pink paper round confetti cannon

      It looks the same as any other product except the packing paper has-been replaced into the one is fallen with dollars.

      When you twist the bottom part with the arrow direction, then the similar dollars will burst into the air after the explosion. In the party You’ll have a false sense of pink round paper confetti, and our product will take the party atmosphere to the top! Enjoy the moment. It’s not the nicest experience being pelted with confetti no matter what type you choose but try to enjoy it.
      Look at your partner, look at your guests and have fun with it!

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