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    We Provide one-stop export service.

    Our Services

    Establish long-term partnerships with clients, providing stable and reliable services. Build trust and foster communication to develop a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship with clients.

    Clearly Defined Service Scope

    Clearly define the specific services you provide, so that clients have a clear understanding of the support and solutions we can offer.

    Client Needs Analysis

    Conduct a detailed analysis of client requirements before starting cooperation. Understand your business goals, challenges, and expectations to provide customized solutions and services.

    Pricing And Contracts

    Clearly define pricing strategies and service fees, and sign contracts or agreements with clients. Ensure that the contract includes specific terms regarding the services, payment methods, service duration, and termination clauses.

    Client Satisfaction Surveys

    Conduct regular client satisfaction surveys to collect feedback and suggestions. Listen to the client’s voice and use feedback to optimize service processes and improve customer experience

    After-Sales Support

    Provide timely after-sales support and maintenance services. Address client inquiries, provide training, and technical support to ensure comprehensive support during product usage.

    Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

    Develop service level agreements based on client requirements and expectations. Clearly define quality standards, response times, incident handling, and customer support to ensure the provision of high-quality services.

    Client Communication And Feedback

    Establish effective communication channels and maintain close contact with clients. Provide regular updates on progress, address issues, and collect feedback to maintain client satisfaction and improve service quality.

    Project Management

    For large projects or long-term partnerships, establish project management processes and timelines. Ensure clear communication channels, project milestones, and progress tracking to ensure timely delivery and achievement of project goals.

    Non-Disclosure Agreements

    Sign non-disclosure agreements for services that involve client-sensitive information or trade secrets. Protect the client’s confidential information, ensure it is not disclosed to third parties, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

    Continuous Learning And Improvement

    Continuously learn and update your professional knowledge and skills to keep up with industry trends and technological advancements. Continuously enhance professional capabilities to provide clients with high-quality services.

    Our Advantage

    • Extensive Experience.
    • Comprehensive Product Range.
    • High Production Capacity.
    • Convenient Location.
    • Focus on Quality.
    • Global Market Influence.
    • Our company holds certifications from reputable organizations such as CE, SGS, and BSCI.
    • With a focus on research, development, and innovation, Our company continually explores new technologies, materials, and designs to enhance the functionality and appeal of our party poppers.
    • By placing importance on reasonable prices, efficient production times, and excellent after-sales service, our company prioritizes customer satisfaction.
    • Our company welcomes collaboration and cooperation with customers, emphasizing mutual development and benefits.

    Frequently Asked Question

    A: our production lead times depend on specific items and item quantities. Our success has been based on our understanding of the demands and nature of promotional and marketing deadlines. That’s why we always ensure that every order is delivered on time.

    A: For Special order , we can arrange for rush order delivery.

    A: 1 year for main parts.

    A: we have good after-sales team, you are welcome to contact us for any quality issues.

    A:For our brand we usually have inventory prepared.

    A: We have a confidentiality agreement regarding intellectual property issues.


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