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Gold paper rectangular confetti cannon

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    More than 30 years industry experience, Tiancheng Hats Co. Ltd has been a leading hat manufacturer in China.

    Gold paper rectangular confetti cannon
    Hs Code: 95059000

    Surface Various design beautiful packing paper
    Upside Strong paper tube
    Bottom Iron bottle
    Confetti Gold paper rectangular confetti

    Standard Size: 30cm 40cm 50cm 60cm 80cm 100cm
    Power: Compressed air
    Opening: Rotary
    Packing: 12pcs/display box

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      This product is made for parties like birthday wedding Save the Date Party holidays party and so on .After careful design, the product has a simple and elegant appearance that conforms to ergonomic principles, taking into account the convenience and comfort of users during use. We attach great importance to safety issues and adhere to strict standards and specifications in the production process to ensure that users will not be harmed or endangered during use. What are you waiting for just enjoy the confetti.

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