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Thee color confetti cannon

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    More than 30 years industry experience, Tiancheng Hats Co. Ltd has been a leading hat manufacturer in China.

    Thee color confetti cannon
    Hs Code: 95059000

    Surface Various design beautiful packing paper
    Upside Strong paper tube
    Bottom Iron bottle
    Confetti Similar Germany national flag confetti cannon

    Standard Size: 30cm 40cm 50cm 60cm 80cm 100cm
    Power: Compressed air
    Opening: Rotary
    Packing: 12pcs/display box

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      The new product’s design is more exquisite, the appearance of different shapes, colorful. It can bloom a variety of beautiful patterns in the air, so that people enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time, feel the festive atmosphere of the festival.

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